pockets are key

i'm getting murried.
in. one. year.


i'm getting murried in one year (i say murried, because married is serious. if i said it that way then i'd actually have to get my act together and plan a wedding already, which, pffft. that's not happening just yet). this is serious stuff people. have you seen the wedding industry lately?!?! it's bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

luckily, i have a secret. lovely bridal shop. as promised, it is lovely, but also unconventional and rad, too. it's this perfect type place where you find your wedding dress and much more. you'll get inspired by the flowers on display and the music that plays as you try on your dream dress. best of all are the stylists.

how do i know, you ask? well... i was one of them (and how! shameless, i know). but seriously here, these girls care. they listen. they know their stuff. they pull through and persevere in an industry where the tulle alone could suffocate!

if you want a glimpse of all that's lovely, check out the blog. the one great dress feature is an awesome source of inspiration for brides-to-be and style mavens alike.

my favorite blogs are by merrill, but i'm a little biased since she's also half of the husband-wife photography duo that is sweet little photographs. i've been eying them for my wedding since before i was engaged!

visit the blog and tell me, what are you favorite features?

top photo is of yours truly and the husband figure!
middle photo via lovely bride
bottom photo via lovely bride by way of samm blake, on once wed

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