this is the part where i apologize.

i have been absent for far too long. i teased you. i was here constantly with a superfluous amount of posts and then i just disappeared. i hate when bloggers do this. it's like the cardinal blogger sin, and i'm guilty of it.

so here's what i've been doing, if it makes up for this mess somehow, anyhow.

1. i've been on a sort of spiritual (whoa) journey with one, miss natalie lovin holbrook. you can find her here. there will be much more on this later.

2. with the husband figure triathalon-ing over labor day and now starting up a new semester of school, i have had the babe a lot. like a lot a lot. it's much harder to get things blogged without my second hand than i previously thought.

3. we are traveling... to LA! can you tell i'm excited? this is an exotic land to which i have never been. it is also babe's first flight (fingers crossed). i've contemplated buying a ton of earplugs to pass around the plane... he's teething something fierce these days.

4. this ones for YOU! i'm starting up a photography course, so i can fill this new and wonderful space with many new and wonderful images taken by yours truly. not for nothin, guys, i hope you like 'em.

5. i'm really, truly sorry.

6. i'll be back and better, soon. really. i will. i'll be unplugged from wednesday to sunday/ monday. after that, i'll be back. we'll do better together, right?

p.s. you can do better by commenting! please let me know your thoughts. even if you just say "hi"! i love it when you say hello. shoot me an e-mail and let me know what you think of it all so far! everyonehasanemily(at)gmail(dot)com

p.p.s. i know. the audacity i have to request something from you! after all this! really, guys, i'm sorry.

image via the husband figure's iphone


ring, ring

i have got to go to h&m this week.

let us all have a moment of silence for the opportunities being missed due to h&m's lack of a rush to sell items on the net.

images via h&m

are you jucing, larry?

you know it's a problem when you admit that you could be a better mom if you quit.

we're talking chocolate here, people.


but, seriously. i'd get more sleep. i'd have energy to workout (no promises). i might even take the stroller off the beaten path (we're currently on the amy's and/or ice cream shop trail).

it's time. you heard it here first. i'm off the stuff.

me and chocolate, we're taking a break.

photo via framed cooks

p.s. bonus points to anyone who can pin the title.

let's talk about lips, baby.

the new-ish kate spade lipsticks.

who's tried these? what are your thoughts?

i'm dying to know.

image via glamour


target. let's talk about it.

i found these for thirty bucks yesterday. THIRTY BUCKS, PEOPLE. they are awesome. they make my feet look like clown shoes (i have a complex). they would look better on you. think about it. buy them. love them. please.

also, target has this new-to-me denim line, denizen. it's awesome. the jeans are made by levi's, and they look like it. no one would know that they only cost you thirty bucks. THIRTY BUCKS (now that we've established a theme, let's move on). the high-waisted just barely bootcut are my current go to.

if you have a man friend who just won't break down and purchase a pair of pants that don't look like they're from 1980 (the light-wash man. you know who i'm talking about), take him to target. check out these pants. buy them (THIRTY BUCKS). wear them. love them.


photo via target

p.s. a post from one of my very favorite bloggers, in keeping with the theme- THIRTY BUCKS.