i guess i like to laugh

ok, i'm just going to say it.

i do not get the james franco thing.

am i missing something?

you should know, i don't go for the brooding types. but that was obvious.

i mean freaks and geeks you guys? give me seth rogen or jason segel any day. hotties.

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henley regatta

here's what i do when the husband figure leaves me alone at night and the babe sleeps soundly.

i mean, same thing. right?

eat pretzels with chocolate frosting. the shame! we ran out of nutella. what can i say?

watch house hunters on hgtv. there's not a huge difference between the houses that cost 150,000 and the houses that cost 250,000 is what i've learned. and what's the big deal with granite countertops?

 read lady blogs for as many hours as i can stand before my eyes twitch.

imagine what life would be like if i had enough energy to paint my toenails. bliss. alas, that energy does not belong to me.

what do you do in your single time? do tell.

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one third

i have two brothers.

can i say a few things here? ok. thanks.

rob is the oldest.
i'm not sure he understands how cool he is or always has been. he's cool in the way that he's so cool, he's not. you know? when i was growing up, anything that rob did, well that was what i should have been doing. that's probably still true now.

he's the oldest, did i say that? he's really nice. you know like kind nice. like he pretends he's not and then he really is and everyone is thankful to have him around and if he likes you, well then you've got a real friend, you know? you do.

he's got street cred, too. he was in a band. a few. he did some small tours. no big deal and all. the ladies like him, too. it's true. he wouldn't think so, but i know it's true.

oh and now, get this. he saves lives for a living. he's a firefighter. neat, right?

i bet you want to meet him now. i would, too. anyhow, the point is- thanks for being my big brother, and keeping up the keeping up, is all.

matt came after rob.
i dont think matt knows this, but he helped solidify my faith (the kind you have in general and in God). when i was a lowly eleven year old (oh, the pain of being eleven!) he invited me to go with him to church.

he was popular and all- he's a real funny guy, but he wouldn't tell you that, or maybe he would. you know being funny and all. i didn't have many friends and was pretty lonely, not thinking much of myself.

well i'm not sure what happened but we were driving up US 41 and 'screaming infidelities' by dashboard confessional came on. we were rounding out this bend where you know you're about halfway to church and the music was blaring and my hair was blowing in the wind and i had this brother who thought enough of me to bring me to church with him, and right then i knew everything was going to be ok. and i knew that matt was good and that he would be somebody someday with all his goodness.

and you know what? he really is somebody these days.

i've got the best brothers.

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can i have...


and these

with a side of that, please?

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cat's pajamas

on any given day, you'll find me wearing liquid eyeliner.

i love the stuff. i've been winging it (pun!) for a few years now, and i've tried a host of brands from five bucks to too many bucks. i know my way around the block when it comes to picking the best of the best. so here it is.

the cheapy  
this liner retails right around six bucks. it's perfect for beginners who need some practice with their winging technique. it's also great if you only wear  liquid liner every now and again.

the bummer, if you laugh like i do (tears running amuck) or cry a lot, then you should know that this stuff stings pretty badly when it gets into your eyes. i.e. it's definitely not waterproof. so if you live in seattle, splurge on the good stuff.

one for the pros
i use this just about every day of my life. the tip is a bit more slim than the cheap pick, so application is more refined. it comes in a true jet black and stays that way- no scaley, matte finish here. the reason it really takes the cake? SO waterproof! it's fantastic.

the bummer, twenty bucks a tube! but even with daily use i only have to buy it every month and a half or so.

images via covergirl and stila

p.s. here's my heartwarming stila tidbit. i found this eyeliner after searching high and low because when i started dating the husband figure he made me laugh. no, he really, really made me laugh. tears were everywhere. eyes were stinging and hearts were beating. i was not giving up my eyeliner and i wanted to keep him, too. so stila and i became friends. it's a beautiful friendship really.

being hip

i don't know if this is a thing or not, but it should be.

american spoon. have you heard of it?


this company makes the most scrumptious preserves, butters and spoon fruits i've ever had (spoon fruits. i know! try them. you'll thank me.). everything is super natural and as healthy as these things can be. they've, also, ventured into 'savories' like salsas and relishes. i haven't had them yet, but if i was putting money on it, i'd bet they were worth it.

i just found out about this cafe! i'm dying to check it out. american spoon is from michigan, too! oh, how they tug at my delicious heart strings.

true story: i ate an entire jar of the sour cherry spoon fruit in approximately one and one half days, when i was pregnant- not the small jar. shame!

truer story: i would do it again today. yum.

image via american spoon

p. s. check out the recipe section of the website. inspiration central.


a little sunshine

because i don't feel that great today.


this always makes me feel better. 

watch it. even if you've seen it before. the whole thing. watch it. please.