oh, two thousand four

last week i finally had time to flip through some magazines (this is the part where the crowd cheers for sleep training). i stumbled upon an ad for some new covergirl lipsticks. the shades looked uber pigmented, nars style. i didn't buy into it right away because usually drugstore lipsticks all have that frosty look, you know what i mean, but i did make it a point to track these suckers down and question them in person.

and so.... can i tell you about my new favorite, absolutely amazing lipsticks?!?! i mean, shut the front door, you guys. eight bucks!

not all of the colors are great- there are certainly some frosties in there, but with a good eye, any lipstick junkie could pick out one or two aces. i mean these babies hold up to- and beyond- nars, which is really saying something, because i don't let nobody talk s$%# about my nars.

here are my top picks:
spellbound                                         flame
fairytale                                                 delish

i've collected two so far, spellbound and delish. 

spellbound is not that purple in real life. it's bright and berryish with a purple zing. i love it.

delish was not what i had hoped (i'll spend my entire life looking for a lipstick to match up to this shade), but i still like it. i have super pigmented lips naturally, so it just punches 'em up a bit. they look like i just really kissed someone. like high school 'i hope no one notices, that makeout session was way too steamy for broad daylight' lips. right? was that just me? well, shoot. 

p. s. even through a meal and a lot of water intake, this lipstick did not budge! it wasn't even on my glass. it did however make it all over graham's cheeks. 2 for 3 isn't bad!


just awkward

i love oggling photos of the bloggers i follow and their babies. i love the outfits and the tiny glimpse i get into their lives. so why are there so few photos on this blog, you ask? well, let me tell you.

this is the back of my head and a naked baby
also, it's the best we can do. seriously.

i hate taking self portraits and by hate i mean i am absolutely, without a doubt terrible with my camera lens aimed in the mirror. there have to be some tricks and tips i have yet to discover. a more flattering light, a better angle. someone else actually talking them? 

i mean, come on. the pictures graham and i take always get trashed before they're viewed by anybody else. and not because graham ever looks... er... there's not really a polite word that fits here for a baby... it's because i somehow always looks pasty and dwarfed. that said, i am pale and short, but pasty and dwarfed?! 

what are you secrets people? spill.



the last time i was in new york, i popped in the nars shop. you know, for this and that and a few other things.

i was attempting to squeeze in one last lipstick try-on, while carrying on a conversation and wrangling a baby, when i noticed one of the nars makeup artists dabbing something shimmery on joanna's cheekbones. in the midst of all the chaos, i finished up my purchase as joanna and i headed to the park for our scheduled playdate with the wee ones.

we were sitting on the benches swapping stories about our motherhood experiences, when i couldn't help but become mesmerized by this fantastic highlight stretching from her temple to just above the apple of her cheek. it's just my luck that i got distracted by a protest or a spill from graham before i remembered to ask what that magic highlighter was.

so distracted in fact, it took me approximately one and one half months to remember that i had to have whatever that magic highlighting stick was. so i went on a journey to department stores near and far. and here's what i've come up with.

nars, the multiple in maldives.

there are two other options i haven't seen in person to test out (luxor and copacabana), so i could be wrong about the shade. but my guess is, as long as you stick to one of these three, those brilliant cheekbones i was swooning over will be yours (barring certain genetic components, you know).

p.s. the other thing i have to pick up on my next trip!

image via polyvore


hallelujah, amen.

things i am thankful for today

looking around this apartment and loving the space

living in this space for one year- which is the longest i've lived anywhere in three years, three years, guys!

the declaration that graham looks just like his mom, made yesterday by a cashier after she finished oogling and praising his cuteness. i'll take that compliment and keep it in my pocket for a rainy day, costco.

(he gets it from me guys. you know, the whole 'confused mystique')

realizing that it's a growth spurt behind graham's grumpiness (not poor parenting. phew.)

the ten dollar j. crewish dress i scored at forever 21 (navy and green. it's tight, so keep the styling classy- i'm looking at you, club kids.)

the person who left a comment on my blog this week. i love you, commenters. you make my life complete.

what are you thankful for today?

p.s. this is awesomevia joanna