on songs and manners

today was a great day.

one of those great days you have pretty often, if you look close enough. and one that you might forget in the long run, but shouldn't.

graham and i established our 'song' today. he's almost two and it has taken us this long to really nail down a song that we both equally love and one that brings us both simultaneously joy and peace. we have 'twinkle, twinkle' for before bed. we have 'bushel and a peck' for after tub time. and 'you are my sunshine' just for fun. 'skidamarink' for laughs. but today i introduced graham to the greatness that is elton john's 'tiny dancer'. and the boy said, 'gen' (again) over and over. he loved it. and i did, too. here's hoping it sticks.

he was a glorious sharer today at play group, which i feel should be documented, because not everyday is good share day. ladies and gentleman, it was shocking, the restraint this child showed as he patiently awaited his turn for the bike. and then he even gave up control over one of the the riding bouncy balls, when he recognized that he had two and someone else had none. it was one of my proudest mama moments. that said, i am not expecting repeat greatness, but if it occurs, he gets all the credit.

today was nice, but winter is hard, and this season feels awfully itchy. i feel like turning my house right upside down and moving bedrooms and hanging pictures and cleaning the baseboards, you know? it's unfortunate how slow that kind of process can become with a toddler underfoot, but it's time to do some reorganizing and reprioritizing. so here's hoping for success or at least the gumption to keep trying.



on january 27th

graham broke his leg jumping on the bed. which is odd, because gabe broke his leg when he was about 20 months old, too- not jumping on the bed, falling out of a high chair.

this happened on january 27th. and yes, it was stressful. we spent a few hours in the emergency room. graham was a champ, as always. and then we came home and set up camp in the living room. graham got new toys to play with and gained monster truck video watching privileges in excess.

however, i hardly find the leg incident to be the most remarkable of that day, because at 6:01 p.m. quinn was born. and so our quartet, ironically, became a quintet. lindsey, will, emily and graham. and now quinn. how unbelievably lucky we are.

my heart is overwhelmed.
she is perfect.