so here's something funny

the husband figure is from the yoop (more commonly known as the upper peninsula of michigan). and while there are many things i love about visiting, the language takes the cake.

i don't mean the funny accents or any of the 'dontcha know, eh?'. i mean the words. like how yoopers call it a bubbler, when it's actually a drinking fountain (which really doesn't make any sense).

here's it:
it's friday afternoon and there's a miscellaneous group of our family and friends planning to gather that evening. everyone agrees to grill out together at the husband figure's house. someone suggests a visit to the party store (!!!) this obviously makes my heart flutter with delight, 'streamers, balloons, favors and confetti!!! what more could a girl live for?!?!' i say to myself, playing it cool not to let anyone in on my crazed delusions of the ultimate barbeque bash.

i immediately jump at the chance to go only to remember what party store actually means in the yoop. it means liquor store.

now everyone thinks i'm an alcoholic. so there's that.

image via of the sweetest occasion

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