target. let's talk about it.

i found these for thirty bucks yesterday. THIRTY BUCKS, PEOPLE. they are awesome. they make my feet look like clown shoes (i have a complex). they would look better on you. think about it. buy them. love them. please.

also, target has this new-to-me denim line, denizen. it's awesome. the jeans are made by levi's, and they look like it. no one would know that they only cost you thirty bucks. THIRTY BUCKS (now that we've established a theme, let's move on). the high-waisted just barely bootcut are my current go to.

if you have a man friend who just won't break down and purchase a pair of pants that don't look like they're from 1980 (the light-wash man. you know who i'm talking about), take him to target. check out these pants. buy them (THIRTY BUCKS). wear them. love them.


photo via target

p.s. a post from one of my very favorite bloggers, in keeping with the theme- THIRTY BUCKS.

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