on january 27th

graham broke his leg jumping on the bed. which is odd, because gabe broke his leg when he was about 20 months old, too- not jumping on the bed, falling out of a high chair.

this happened on january 27th. and yes, it was stressful. we spent a few hours in the emergency room. graham was a champ, as always. and then we came home and set up camp in the living room. graham got new toys to play with and gained monster truck video watching privileges in excess.

however, i hardly find the leg incident to be the most remarkable of that day, because at 6:01 p.m. quinn was born. and so our quartet, ironically, became a quintet. lindsey, will, emily and graham. and now quinn. how unbelievably lucky we are.

my heart is overwhelmed.
she is perfect.

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