dear graham

i know this is morbid and awful to even think, but it crosses my mind.

i worry that if i die before you are old enough to remember me, you won't know how much i loved you. everyone will tell you, i know. and you'll believe them, mostly, except on days when everything is just too hard. well, i do love you. so much.

but... if i write these things down for you, just for insurance purposes, well then, i can stop worrying you'll miss out on some things. like this for instance.

you must eat at levain bakery. or at the very least have them shipped to you. it is so worth the ridiculous price, i can't even begin to explain. just eat them. eat them and know that you are your mother's son. because if you still love sweets when you are old enough to read this, like you do now, i'll be proud. just remember to brush your teeth!

graham, i love you so. and i hope you never need this, but it will be nice to have, when i'm suffering from mom brain and forget to share the little things every now and again.

p.s. they're all good, but the chocolate peanut butter is otherworldly.

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