every boy and every girl

there's this south african rap group, die antwoord. i don't know if you've heard of them or not. they're bizarre and well, sometimes pretty vulgar, but that's not the point.

this is.
a member of die antwoord

do you see those eyelids?!?! ok, so part of it has to be that i grew up with the spice girl generation, but whatever. those lids are bangin'. i have to have them!

glitter shadow gets everywhere, but growing up when i did, i've learned tricks. here's what knowledge i have to offer for the look. plus, an alternative for the more faint of heart.

1. you have to do the eye makeup first. this way it's easier to clean up the mess, and you don't overdo the rest of your face.

2. eyeshadow primer. any time that you're dealing with a heavy glitter, you have to find something to stick it to. this one is awesome (the original shade is a great neutral, but bonus points for using sin, which has a glitzy, metallic tint).

3. if you're adventurous, a cream shadow in your chosen glitter shade. like this. it adds pigment (a fancy word for color), and the cream helps the glitter stick.

4. quality glitter. check it, we're not in the minor leagues here anymore, people. make up for ever has awesome products for serious face projects. when applying the glitter, try an ombre effect. placing glitter densely along the lash line an then easing up as you bring it toward the crease.

5. finally, invisible tape. no, really. scotch tape. you tear off a little piece and use it to pick up all the extra glitter mess you've created on your face. it's magical.

tah dah!

footnote 1: if you have super sensitive skin and the sticking/pulling of tape will irritate it, then tissue is your answer. take a piece of tissue and use two teeny tiny pieces of tape to adhere it under your eye to catch all the glitter that falls (if you prefer this method, do it before you start).

footnote 2: for the more modest readers, this is your answer! midnight cowboy rides again is a great metallic shade with glitter galore. it gives a more mild finish with the same punch. applying it with fingers helps reduce mess. use the invisible tape trick and you're good to go!

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  1. I'm so using these tips on my birthday even if I just sit around the house.