there are some things about me we should discuss before going any further with this relationship.

no, seriously.


+ i eat so much sugar i put the cookie monster to shame.
- check it, yo.

+ my baby is weirdly tall.

+ for me, painting toenails is equivalent to therapy.
- i've been searching to find this shade in stock somewhere.

+ i have really bad hearing.
- for example, i always think you said something you didn't.

+ i always explain what i think you just said.
-  and then what i thought about said thing (much to the dismay of the husband figure).

+ i am addicted to j. crew. 
- well, actually jenna lyons. do you know who she is? you should. read this article. 
-there's more! here, too! and check out her home, yowza.

+ not surprisingly, i like cats. 

tell me about your ticks and treats in the comments, please. thanks. 

let's do this.

footnote: when i showed my very best friend, who does not regularly look at cat pictures, the above photo, she laughed until she cried and then she cried some more. that is why she is my best friend.

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