hop, skip and a jump

let me tell you about this newish candy shop i stumbled into last week.

amy's candy bar is a fantastic, little shop in the lincoln square neighborhood. i mean, i love candy. like, really love candy. so there is nary a candy store i have come across and not entered. this one is a keeper.

there are all kinds of goodies. gummies, malt balls in all sorts of varieties (even an ice cream version), assorted vintage candies in neat packaging, and tons of licorice. they get big points from me for carrying saltwater taffy, too, which is not the easiest to come by in these parts.

they make their own sea salt caramels, which i thought were pretty good. but if you get a chance to stop in, my favorites are the almond toffee pieces dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with almonds. yum (in secret, i've eaten at least two little bags of these myself)!

p.s. if you're in the mood for ice cream they've got that, too! when i popped in once, amy herself was sweetly (and loudly) giving an older gentleman the rundown of flavors.

photo via amy's candy bar

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