my saving grace

two things:

1. makeup is supposed to look like you only better, right? right.

2. women are supposed to support each other due to some birth right that's ingrained in the foundation of humankind. no?  yes.

that being said, can i tell you about something near and dear to my 'beauty-product-obsessed' heart? ok, good.

one decade. at least ten years. a fifth grader. that's how long i searched for this product! it's like a miracle in a bottle. it's tarte smooth operator tinted moisturizer.

you know how every foundation that has ever debuted in history promises to look like your skin only flawless? well, this stuff actually does. just one light layer and it's you- when you happen to wake up luminous after 10 hours of sleep, and you just did the master cleanse for a month. yes, i'm serious.

but don't be turned off by it's label as a tinted moisturizer if you're a foundation kind of girl. layer this baby up and you've got yourself a full coverage type foundation that won't clog your pores or make you look like an old magnolia bakery cupcake that's been dried out from sitting in the shop window all day.

really. you'll look awesome. this stuff is my not-so-secret weapon.

what's your weapon of choice? i have to know.

photo via we heart this

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