smells like feet (not really)

you have to try this.

ok, you don't have to try this, but you should.

one of the best things about illinois is the state's proximity to wisconsin, the holy land of artisan cheese. i found this particular cheese at my local farmer's market, but i'm pretty sure it's sold across the midwest. 

the flavor pictured is raw milk cheddar (which is amazing), but my hands down favorite is swiss almond. it tastes super sweet in the way that almonds naturally do. it goes great on sourdough and pairs wonderfully with jams.

there are a handful of other flavors, too. like a jalapeno cheese spread that is hot in a good way, not a burn your mouth way. anyhow, i thought everybody should know about this stuff. tell your friends, man. for realz.

footnote: it's all natural, bonus!

photo via zeer

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