cat's pajamas

on any given day, you'll find me wearing liquid eyeliner.

i love the stuff. i've been winging it (pun!) for a few years now, and i've tried a host of brands from five bucks to too many bucks. i know my way around the block when it comes to picking the best of the best. so here it is.

the cheapy  
this liner retails right around six bucks. it's perfect for beginners who need some practice with their winging technique. it's also great if you only wear  liquid liner every now and again.

the bummer, if you laugh like i do (tears running amuck) or cry a lot, then you should know that this stuff stings pretty badly when it gets into your eyes. i.e. it's definitely not waterproof. so if you live in seattle, splurge on the good stuff.

one for the pros
i use this just about every day of my life. the tip is a bit more slim than the cheap pick, so application is more refined. it comes in a true jet black and stays that way- no scaley, matte finish here. the reason it really takes the cake? SO waterproof! it's fantastic.

the bummer, twenty bucks a tube! but even with daily use i only have to buy it every month and a half or so.

images via covergirl and stila

p.s. here's my heartwarming stila tidbit. i found this eyeliner after searching high and low because when i started dating the husband figure he made me laugh. no, he really, really made me laugh. tears were everywhere. eyes were stinging and hearts were beating. i was not giving up my eyeliner and i wanted to keep him, too. so stila and i became friends. it's a beautiful friendship really.

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