being hip

i don't know if this is a thing or not, but it should be.

american spoon. have you heard of it?


this company makes the most scrumptious preserves, butters and spoon fruits i've ever had (spoon fruits. i know! try them. you'll thank me.). everything is super natural and as healthy as these things can be. they've, also, ventured into 'savories' like salsas and relishes. i haven't had them yet, but if i was putting money on it, i'd bet they were worth it.

i just found out about this cafe! i'm dying to check it out. american spoon is from michigan, too! oh, how they tug at my delicious heart strings.

true story: i ate an entire jar of the sour cherry spoon fruit in approximately one and one half days, when i was pregnant- not the small jar. shame!

truer story: i would do it again today. yum.

image via american spoon

p. s. check out the recipe section of the website. inspiration central.

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