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eeps, you guys! it's chinese new year! drum roll, please...

it's the year of the dragon! i've been waiting for this since... well, twelve years ago (that's how long it's been since the year of the dragon last graced us). i'm totally pumped, because this is 'my' year. i love following along with the chinese new year bonanza.

i've haven't gotten my act together as far as my new years resolutions go (oy!). it's my rule of thumb that i make the resolutions on january one and fiddle around with them until the chinese tell me it's a new year, because only then do i really have to get my act together.

first up on my list of resolutions-

why, hello, you beautiful computer with the fantastic apple and silver shininess. i think it's time we got to know each other a little better.... oh, blogger. i know her, too. isn't she fantastic?... we should all hang out sometime. today? tomorrow? everyday?... oh, that would be great. i'll see you there!

(humor me people, please. it sounded funnier in my head.)

what sign are you? do you celebrate chinese new year?

p.s. a recap of life in the year of the tiger coming soon!

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