dependency issues

remember how i was obsessed with puppy chow? well, i've since moved on.

oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, guys. after one too many trips to the local potbelly's, so i decided to figure this thing out myself instead of being the sad, sad cookie lady (that i actually am, but who needs to know? secrets, people).

like any good blog junkie, i googled it. after some narrowing down, i settled on two recipes.

these and these.

the first recipe delivered the delicious, slightly hearty cookies that i was looking for. i recommend under cooking by about one and one half minutes to get the melty potbelly texture.

i tried the second recipe because husband figure really likes coconut. they were pretty wonderful, too, but a touch on the lighter, fluffier side. i'm sure if you fiddle a bit with the recipe and add extra oatmeal for heft these would be sublime.

so there's my review on that.

p.s. always, always splurge and use ghirardelli chocolate chips/ chunks. it's totally worth the extra dollar or two. you won't believe the difference.

recipes and image via mel's kitchen cafe

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