hallelujah, amen.

things i am thankful for today

looking around this apartment and loving the space

living in this space for one year- which is the longest i've lived anywhere in three years, three years, guys!

the declaration that graham looks just like his mom, made yesterday by a cashier after she finished oogling and praising his cuteness. i'll take that compliment and keep it in my pocket for a rainy day, costco.

(he gets it from me guys. you know, the whole 'confused mystique')

realizing that it's a growth spurt behind graham's grumpiness (not poor parenting. phew.)

the ten dollar j. crewish dress i scored at forever 21 (navy and green. it's tight, so keep the styling classy- i'm looking at you, club kids.)

the person who left a comment on my blog this week. i love you, commenters. you make my life complete.

what are you thankful for today?

p.s. this is awesomevia joanna


  1. Love this post! Did you ever look up Wonder Weeks? :)

  2. i had not, but i just did! thanks for the reminder. i'm all signed up for the e-mail updates now.

  3. I want to spoon up your baby's face he's so cute :)