just awkward

i love oggling photos of the bloggers i follow and their babies. i love the outfits and the tiny glimpse i get into their lives. so why are there so few photos on this blog, you ask? well, let me tell you.

this is the back of my head and a naked baby
also, it's the best we can do. seriously.

i hate taking self portraits and by hate i mean i am absolutely, without a doubt terrible with my camera lens aimed in the mirror. there have to be some tricks and tips i have yet to discover. a more flattering light, a better angle. someone else actually talking them? 

i mean, come on. the pictures graham and i take always get trashed before they're viewed by anybody else. and not because graham ever looks... er... there's not really a polite word that fits here for a baby... it's because i somehow always looks pasty and dwarfed. that said, i am pale and short, but pasty and dwarfed?! 

what are you secrets people? spill.

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  1. My eyes make a shade which make me look like I have a unibrow!