oh, two thousand four

last week i finally had time to flip through some magazines (this is the part where the crowd cheers for sleep training). i stumbled upon an ad for some new covergirl lipsticks. the shades looked uber pigmented, nars style. i didn't buy into it right away because usually drugstore lipsticks all have that frosty look, you know what i mean, but i did make it a point to track these suckers down and question them in person.

and so.... can i tell you about my new favorite, absolutely amazing lipsticks?!?! i mean, shut the front door, you guys. eight bucks!

not all of the colors are great- there are certainly some frosties in there, but with a good eye, any lipstick junkie could pick out one or two aces. i mean these babies hold up to- and beyond- nars, which is really saying something, because i don't let nobody talk s$%# about my nars.

here are my top picks:
spellbound                                         flame
fairytale                                                 delish

i've collected two so far, spellbound and delish. 

spellbound is not that purple in real life. it's bright and berryish with a purple zing. i love it.

delish was not what i had hoped (i'll spend my entire life looking for a lipstick to match up to this shade), but i still like it. i have super pigmented lips naturally, so it just punches 'em up a bit. they look like i just really kissed someone. like high school 'i hope no one notices, that makeout session was way too steamy for broad daylight' lips. right? was that just me? well, shoot. 

p. s. even through a meal and a lot of water intake, this lipstick did not budge! it wasn't even on my glass. it did however make it all over graham's cheeks. 2 for 3 isn't bad!


  1. Any other good cheap lipsticks? Can't find these!

  2. here's a link to them on amazon:


    if you're unsure what a color will really look like, google image search covergirl lipperfection 'name of color'. it's likely you'll find photos of a real girl wearing it!

    i don't have experience with many other cheapies, but the covergirl lipstains are supposed to be a big thing, too!