sweet home

i'm having one of those nights, you know?

when you've moved and you're in this new place, but you're not actually even in your own new place yet (you're at your in-laws). but you're incredibly thankful and humbled by all of the kindness being bestowed upon you, which only makes it worse, that you are suddenly sad and terribly homesick.

well. at least we've been here a while and this is the very first night i've actually felt this way. so.

to distract myself from actually thinking about my feelings (ba dum ching! ha. (note to readers who are not personal friends, i am famous for previously said activity)) here are some photos of the most wonderful day, with the most wonderful boys.

strawberry picking 6.24.12



strawberry juice

p.s. while reading this post, i actually had to fight tears. oh, easily accessible, healthy, delicious, wonderful ethnic food. how i miss you.

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  1. Em, I love you (and I'm sorry I missed you today--crazy busy day around here!) Let's try to connect tomorrow or the next day and we'll swap 14 month old stories and make each other laugh, k? You are close in heart!