on januaries

every single blog i follow reads like a broken record this month. it's january... we know, people. i know. you know.

our overindulged post holiday bodies and faces know. our new year, new you (?) anxieties know. our 'oh, shit, it's almost february and i still haven't straightened out X, Y, and Z's'  know.

here's what. it is january 25th, and i am a big believer in the chinese new year, because by the time everyone gets around to loathing their ill behaviors enough, or really needing to shake their funks, it is in fact always february.

january rolls around with it's false promises of brighter tomorrows and fresh starts, only to sting your cheeks with it's icy winds and take your feet right out from under you on the slippery sidewalks. january is a humbling month. when you're stuck inside for weeks on end with no one around to distract you from yourself- your truest, this is what it's come to self- you have to square off with the truth.

so february 10th, i'll be ready for you. and so help me God, i will learn to listen better this year.

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